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Many of AIER’s supporters have discovered how giving to AIER through our planned giving programs supports AIER’s mission and provides numerous benefits for them and their loved ones.  

Learn how by planning ahead you can create unique opportunities to meet your financial goals and support AIER. A good plan will provide for your family or loved ones, protect what you have worked so hard to acquire, and leave you feeling safe and secure. Certain plans allow you to guarantee income for up to three generations of beneficiaries, so you can put a plan in place for any of the important people, or even organizations, in your life.

In addition to supporting the mission of AIER, a planned gift can provide to you substantial tax advantages, especially on gifts of stocks and real estate. The total income, estate, and capital gains tax savings and the probate expense savings can come close to the amount of your planned gift. The benefits include: 

  • Income for Life
  • Income Tax Deductions
  • Reduced Capital Gains Taxes
  • Reduced Estate Tax

Simply by taking advantage of incentives the IRS provides, you and your advisor can craft a gift that fits your needs. A planned gift makes it possible for you, your loved ones, and AIER to all benefit. Explore our site to learn more.